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Explorer - Purchasing clock pre-sales
Explorer - Purchasing clock pre-sales

Read this article for more information on purchasing Clock pre-sales using the Explorer in Floriday

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In Floriday's Explorer you can easily search for and order Clock pre-sales.

If you want to know more about how to buy directly from the Explorer? Read the following article in our Helpcenter

Purchasing clock pre-sale supply

From the menu, go to Explorer. Here you are in the Explorer search screen. There are two ways to search on Clock Presale. Via Purchasing you can search on Clock presale and the direct supply at the same time. Via Clock presale, you will only see the Clock presale supply. Clock presales become visible in Floriday from 12 noon onwards.

Purchasing clock pre-sales via Clock Pre-sales

From the Explorer search screen, click on the Clock pre-sale tile. By clicking on it, you will immediately see all the Clock pre-sale supply. In the filters on the left, you can select the locations from which you want to see the clock pre-sale supply. You can then use the filters to further specify which supply you want to see.

Purchasing clock pre-sales from Purchasing

If you want to see the clock presale supply and the direct supply at the same time, you can do so in Purchasing. In the filters on the left, go to Supply and then you can turn on or off the Clock presale supply. By default this is on for All locations, but can selected for specific locations.

Setting platenumbers

Via Settings > Preferences, you can enter default buyer plate numers for Clock pre-sales. You can enter a default here, or a different one for each location. This can be set organisation-wide by someone with a main account. There is also the option to set this user-specific.

If you haven't set this by default in the settings, you can also enter a plate number when placing an order on Clock pre-sale supply. This is optional.


As the main user, it is also possible to set permissions for your colleagues as to whether they are allowed to buy clock presale offers. You do this in Settings > Colleagues. Click on the 3 dots next to a colleague and on Permissions.

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