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Explorer - Filter options
Explorer - Filter options

Search the supply on Floriday quickly and effectively.

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The Explorer allows you to search for supply and items offered on Floriday. As there are quite a lot of supply lines in total, it is advisable to work with the convenient filtering options offered by the Explorer.

This page explains the following:

Setting, deleting and adding filters

When you start your search in the Explorer, you can use the default filter options to add a number of values so that the search results match your requirements. By default, you filter by indoor and garden plants, cut flowers or hardware. In addition, you can enter the desired availability, article name, grower etc. You can also search by characteristics, colour and other components such as certificate, theme days and with/without added value.

By default, commonly used filters are shown. Want to use a different filter? Then click on Add Filters.

Als je de zoektocht in de Explorer start, kun je via de standaard filteropties een aantal waarde meegeven, zodat de zoekresultaten aansluiten op jouw wens. Standaard filter je op kamer- en tuinplanten, snijbloemen of hardware. Daarnaast kun je de gewenste beschikbaarheid invullen, artikelnaam, kweker etc. Ook het zoeken op eigenschappen, kleur en overige onderdelen zoals certificaat, themadagen en met/zonder toegevoegde waarde is mogelijk.

By default, commonly used filters are shown. Want to use a different filter? Then click on Manage saved filters.

Do you want to reset or clear the selected filters? Then click Clear filter.

Selected assortment

In Floriday, you can choose assortment by selecting it. You can use this to create a convenient view of the selected items and/or fill the webshop/link. You can filter in the Explorer by Selected assortment, Not selected assortment or All.

Stored filters

Do you use a particular filter set often? Then you can save it. By clicking Saved filters & selections and then clicking the save icon, you save the current selection.

You can choose to overwrite the existing filters or save it as a new filter.

Have you already set up filter sets? Then you can select them by using the Saved dropdown

Here, you can display only your own saved filters or everything. It also lets you apply filter sets saved by colleagues.

Want to manage your saved filters? Then click on the button below.

Supply selections

In the Explorer, you can also work with supply selections. Here, you can make selections of certain product types or make a selection per buyer. This can also be easily filtered in the Explorer.

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