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Welcome to the explainer page for getting started with contracts in Floriday.

In this section, we explain how you can easily create contracts once, after which you only need to place orders. In the floriculture sector, a lot of work is performed based long-term agreements. While both growers and buyers have the option to create a contract, this will always have to be approved by the other party.

During the term of the contract, it can be amended at any time in consultation between the grower and buyer. Both parties must agree to the amendment. If an agreement is not reached, the contract rules previously established apply.

This section covers the following topics

  • Contracts - How do you establish long-term agreements with the grower?

  • Standing orders - How can place orders on the agreements already made?

For each topic, we have prepared a step-by-step explanation. Click on one of the sections to go to the step-by-step explanation.

Or follow the webinar Contract trade in Floriday:

Good luck creating contracts in Floriday!

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