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If you want to offer your customer the option of purchasing through Floriday, you can use the Exporter portal.

On this page, we explain the following actions:

Providing customer access to the Exporter portal

In the menu, click Exporters module.

Then click on Create account and fill in the requested details.

Enter the first name, last name, email address, company name and language (Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian). This data is classified as strictly confidential. More information

In addition to the confidential data, fill in some general information here. The segment and country code are visible to growers during transactions.

Once everything has been entered satisfactorily, click on Continue.

In the next step, you can enter which offer the customer will see. Here you can choose:

  • All the supply, supply of selected assortment or trade item selections (Read more about using supply selections)

  • All suppliers or selected suppliers

  • House and garden plants, cut flowers and/or hardware

  • Show customer specific trade items

  • Show clock pre-sales supply; this option is shown if you as a buyer, also have the authority to purchase clock presales via the Explorer. As soon as you select this, you have the option of entering plate numbers. For example, if you fill in a plate number only for Aalsmeer, the customer will only see clock pre-sales supply from Aalsmeer.

  • Only show supply with included delivery cost

In addition, you can set which delivery days the customer can choose when ordering. This involves deliveries up to the box.

In the third section, set the customer's spending options. If you opt for no spending limit, the customer will be able to make unlimited purchases. With a weekly spending limit, you can set an amount the customer can spend each week. This spending limit resets every Sunday. You can also set the sales unit and whether the customer is authorised to place orders.

With the checkbox 'Orders must be manally approved', you can choose to still approve orders manually. Once you set this, orders placed by the customer are shown in a new tab under purchase orders with the message 'Waiting for approval'.

Finally, you can set price markups:

  • Percentage markup: Increase the price per piece percentage-wise

  • Load carrier markup: Price markup based on the space occupied on a load carrier

  • Rounding: Settings for rounding prices

  • Fixed transaction costs: Increase the price per piece with a fixed transaction fee per order line

Based on the set data, a calculation example is displayed.

When everything is filled in as required, click on Save & invite. The customer will then receive an invitation by email to create a Floriday account.


From 1 April, the module will cost €15 per active customer per month. A customer becomes active on logging in to Floriday during the month in question.

In the overview of customers, you can easily see when a customer last logged in and whether a customer is active or inactive this month.

You can check the 'Pricing' tab to see what the cost per month is.


Thanks to permissions, as the main user you keep control over which colleagues can do what in Floriday. You can also set whether a colleague is allowed to manage customers here.


For the Exporters portal, you can set up notifications for the following items:

  • New purchase order from customer

  • New purchase order from customer awaiting approval

  • Summary of customer sales orders

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