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Getting started with Network
Getting started with Network
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In the Network, you will find the sections requests, offers, network and marketing. On this page, we briefly go over the different sections that can be found there. The Network in Floriday allows you to indicate preferences, after which Floriday suggests relevant growers based on the preferences. New customers can introduce themselves on the grower timeline, after which growers can respond by sending connection requests. In the Network, you will also find your requests, price lists, trade settings and company information.

On this page, we briefly cover the following topics and refer to specific help centre pages with more information:

Start building your network by:


Next, you can:

Raise your profile as a customer on Floriday

To make the most of Floriday, we've added the 'Complete your profile' task on the dashboard for buyers. This allows you, as an existing buyer, to find even more relevant supply and connection suggestions. And as a new buyer, you can find your way around Floriday even more easily.


In Floriday, you can place requests on offers, or the items a grower lists in their catalog. In fact, you ask a grower if certain products are deliverable within a certain time, and what the product prices are. The grower can respond to the request via Floriday and thus an agreement can be made.

Price lists

It’s possible to provide a price list to customers in Floriday. You can select article from the Explorer, direct purchasing or from an offer. In the menu bar, a button is shown of selected trade items for requests and price list.


The Network component is very important in Floriday. This is the section where you can make connections with growers you want to do business with or receive connection requests from growers who want to do business with you.

Trade settings

With trade settings in Floriday, buyers and growers can work together more easily and pleasantly. You can easily set up how you want to trade with each other in a single place in Floriday. Not only does this provide clarity, it also saves unnecessary work, avoids mistakes and makes dealing with each other more pleasant.


This is where you can complete your profile. When you complete it you can introduce your organization to all users in Floriday once with an update on the timeline.

Updates on the timeline

Floriday allows you to send messages to growers in your network. These messages, or updates, are shown directly on the Timeline of all the growers in your network. These updates are great if you're interested in certain products or if you have important information to share with all your suppliers.

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