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Floriday offers a number of useful features with which you as can easily and quickly do business digitally and place orders with growers.

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Floriday is the central place where commercial and logistics processes are arranged. With Floriday, we are making the floriculture industry more accessible and more straightforward by providing a single open platform where growers, buyers, service providers (such as sales agents and transporters) and software providers can come together.

There are various ways in which a buyer can purchase from growers. Depending on the business operations, the appropriate functionalities can be used.


If you often work with supply agreements (contract trading or long-term trading), for example with retailers, you can record these arrangements digitally by means of a contract. After recording, the grower keeps this supply separate for you and you can then call on this supply.


Floriday includes an explorer where you can see all the flowers and plants on Floriday. You can search within all items in Floriday or search for current offerings. You can also find the novelties registered through Floriday here.

Direct purchasing

With the functionality ‘direct purchasing’, you place an order directly with a grower digitally. In Floriday you follow growers that you would like to do business with. They subsequently place you in a ‘customer-specific price group’, so that you always see the correct price of the products. After that, you can easily order online from these growers.

Direct Bidding

With Direct Bidding, you can easily trade with growers through bidding. You can buy products directly from growers by bidding the asking price or by making a counter bid. If the bid is lower, the deal is closed once the grower accpets the highest bid.

Purchase orders

In the overview of the purchase orders, you will see all purchase orders displayed clearly. From this screen, you can also make corrections to purchase orders. If a purchase order requires a correction, you can submit this request, after which it will end up in the overview of corrections.

Purchasing dashboard

The purchasing dashboard is the place displaying all the supply lines not matching the grower's supply lines in Floriday. If no supply is retrieved from Floriday (Florecom orders, Excel upload, manual entry), it could be that you're submitting an order with a different price, packaging configuration or availability. With the purchasing dashboard, you can match the entered order to the the growers’ supply.


With the network component, you can make connections with the growers with whom you want to do business. After you have made a connection with a grower, the grower can assign you to a price group. In this way, you will immediately see the correct price that is available to you.

Linking with Floriday

If you make use of your own software package, you can link to Floriday. The functionalities above will then be used in your own package.

Floriday Help Center

Floriday is continually developing enhancements to existing functionalities or new possibilities. The number of options is expanding, and this calls for an explanation. You’ll find the answer to a whole series of questions in the Floriday Help Center. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always call our support department.

There’s a question mark (?) at the top of every page in Floriday. Clicking on this will take you to an overview of articles concerning the page in question. This means you can easily sort things out if you get stuck.

It’s also possible to enter a search term using the chat functionality. As soon as you’ve done so, you’ll see an overview of all related articles. If you’d prefer to search for the answer in the Help Center, you should go to the three dots at the top right in the platform, or directly to the Help Center.

In addition to the topics above, you can read about the latest Floriday developments in the Help Center, look back at workshops or sign up for live webinars. There are also interesting articles about current topics and questions.

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