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Main release 2021.2 Customer API
Main release 2021.2 Customer API

Every six months, a new release of the Customer API goes live. In this article we describe the content of this main release.

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The new main release went live on 13 August. For each module we describe which functions are available to ERP suppliers, with for each function a link to the functional operation in Floriday as a reference.


  • Get trade-items

  • Get, create and remove selected trade-items.

Custom packages

  • Get custom packages.

Additional services

Direct sales - delivery conditions

  • Get delivery conditions.

  • Get direct sales supply-lines including and customer offers including purchase tips.

Purchase orders

Sales orders

  • Get, create and cancel sales orders.


Customer Stickers

  • Get, create, delete customer stickers of a sales order.


  • Get delivery notes IDs for a sales order (temporary solution untill ASN is availlable).


  • Get and create supply requests.

  • Get and create trade-item requests.

  • Get and create packing configuration requests of a Trade-item.
    ​Read more in this article


  • Average auction prices per day for every VBN product auctioned. An insights subscription is required.


  • Get supplier organizations, warehouses and certficates.


  • Get warehouses

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