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Main release 2022.1 Customer API
Main release 2022.1 Customer API

A new release of the Customer API goes live every six months. In this article we describe the contents of this main release.

Written by Karin Wangko
Updated over a week ago

The new main release went live on 9 May. For each module, we describe which functions are available to ERP suppliers with, if available, a link to the functional operation in Floriday as a reference, for each function. The software overview shows the most important functions that software suppliers (will) support.

Trade items

  • Retrieval of trade items (improved: retrieve trade item versions for clear order history)

  • Retrieve, create and remove selected favourite items and favourite loading configurations (improved: selection of favourite loading configurations added)

Custom packages

  • Collection of own custom packaging units.

Additional services

  • Collection of additional services.
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  • Retrieval of direct sales offerings (improved: implementation of order and delivery period distinction for orders for future deliveries)

Purchase & sales orders

  • Retrieving, placing and deleting purchase orders for supply matching through the Floriday purchasing dashboard (improved: after placing a purchase order with a supply match, a sales order is placed immediately)

  • Retrieve, create and delete order requests (new)

  • Retrieve, place and cancel sales orders on offer (enhanced: financial claim status added)
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  • Gain insight into financial invoicing status of delivered sales orders (new)

  • Retrieve insight into dynamic delivery costs of sales orders within an order/delivery window (new)

  • Auction collection and auction presales orders (new)

Standing orders


Customer stickers

  • Retrieve, create, remove customer stickers from a sales order (improved: single stickers that can be propagated on the garden, stickers that belong together e.g. pot and tray stickers, insight into who supplies the sticker)
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Correction requests

  • Retrieve, create, delete correction requests on sales orders (new)

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  • Retrieval of letter numbers associated with a sales order (temporary solution until ASN is available).

  • Collecting plant passports for propagation (new)

  • Retrieval of delivery announcements (ASN) for logistics planning and delivery notification (new)

  • Marking of received deliveries (new)


Requests for quotes

  • Retrieving and creating requests for offers.

  • Retrieving and creating requests for an item.
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  • Retrieving and creating requests for a loading configuration for an item.



  • Retrieval of supplier organizations and certificates.


  • Retrieval of warehouses.

Technical improvements

  • For more efficient and robust data exchange, 'synchronisation endpoints' have now been added as standard.

  • In order to ensure the consistent set-up of flows, data exchange, data modelling between suppliers and customers and the translation into solutions by ERP suppliers using both the Supplier and Customer API, consistent naming and classification of 'endpoints' have been applied for both Supplier and Customer API.

  • Retrieve average auction prices per day for each VBN product code auctioned by the grower. An Insights subscription is required.

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