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Winter Main Release 2022.2 Customer API
Winter Main Release 2022.2 Customer API
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As of November, Floriday Customer API Winter main release 2022v2 is stable and available. Below is a brief overview of the major improvements in this release. Then, for each module, the functions available to ERP vendors are described with a link to the functional operation in Floriday for reference for each function if available. The software overview shows the main features that software vendors (will) support.

Functional improvements

  • Volume discount prices in offers: Adding optional volume discount prices (per load carrier, per layer, per package) to offers in Floriday and placing orders on offers with volume discount prices.

  • Contract management: Create and accept contracts in Floriday. So that buyers and growers can do their contact management from their ERP.

  • Additional price bases for additional services: In addition to unit price, price per package for e.g. package stickers supported so that additional services can be better passed on.

  • Holidays in delivery conditions: Adding deviations to the delivery time sets in the case of holidays, for example.

  • Mark received batches (ASN): Mark batches as received (ok/nok) so that the receipt status can be used for the correction process.

  • Update and delete offer requests: Update and delete not yet accepted offer requests and expand offer request with desired type of availability (continuous or counting down) and an optional available number in units.

  • Clock (presale) offer:Collection of clock (presale) offer based on clock (presale) sales orders.

Technical improvements

  • Invoice status: For sales orders, added a synchronisation for invoice status with invoice number. So that the invoice status for all sales orders can be updated efficiently instead of per sales order.

  • New 'Trade instruments': New 'trade instruments' for direct bidding and off-garden auction added to sales orders..

  • New financial claim status 'expired': Adding the financial claim status 'expired' to the sales order if the maximum validity period of 'claim' for payment by the buyer has expired.

  • Sales order with version and ID:Fetch sales order with version and ID, relating to sales order history.

  • New and expanded sales order mutation/correction model for sales orders:New model for sales order changes with additional information so that the various sales order versions can always be traced back to the first version with the change/correction reason.

  • Move gate RFH Insights: RFH Insights endpoints have been moved to their own Insights gateway.

  • Default rate limit added: A default rate limit has been added to all endpoints for the sake of platform stability.

Trade items

  • Collection of items

  • Retrieve, create and delete selected favourite items and favourite load configurations

Own packages

  • Collection of own packages.

Additional services (improved)

Supply (improved)

  • Collection of direct supply sales (improved: price tiers added and update buyers on offer)
    [Read more in this article] > being worked on

  • Collection of clock (presale) offer based on sales orders. (new)

Purchase & sales orders (improved)

  • Retrieve, place and remove purchase orders for matching on supply through the Floriday purchasing dashboard

  • Retrieve, create and delete order requests

  • Collect, place and cancel sales orders on supply (improved: new financial claim status 'expired')

  • Retrieve insight into financial invoicing status delivered sales orders (improved: added synchronisation of invoicing status of all sales orders)

  • Retrieve insight into dynamic delivery costs of sales orders within an order/delivery window

  • Collection of clock and clock presale sales orders
    Read more in this article

Call-off orders

Contracts (enhanced)

  • Retrieve, create, accept/reject and delete contracts and contract attachments. (improved: added create, accept/reject and delete)
    Read more in this article

Customer stickers

Correction requests

Delivery terms (improved)

  • Get delivery terms (improved: add holidays/non-delivery days)



  • Retrieve letter numbers belonging to a sales order (temporary solution until the ASN is available).

  • Collection of plant passports for propagation

  • Retrieve delivery announcements (ASN) for logistical planning and indoor notification of deliveries

  • Marking deliveries received

  • Marking received batches (new)

Requests for quotes (improved)

  • Retrieve and create requests for quotes. (improved: updating and deleting supply requests for quotes, when requesting desired availability type (continuous/counting down) and optional number of pieces added)

  • Retrieve and create requests for quotes for a trade item.
    Read more in this article

  • Retrieve and create requests for a trade item's load configuration.
    Read more in this article

Match & Connect


  • Retrieve vendor organisations and certificates.

Stock locations

Insights auction prices

  • Retrieve average auction prices per day for each VBN product code auctioned by the grower. An Insights subscription is required.
    Read more about Insights

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