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Summer Main Release 2023v1 Customer API
Summer Main Release 2023v1 Customer API

A new release of the Customer API goes live every six months. In this article, we describe the contents of this main release.

Written by Karin Wangko
Updated over a week ago

As of 1 June, Floriday Customer API Summer main release 2023v1 is stable and available. Below is a brief overview of the major improvements in this release. Then, for each module, the functions available to ERP vendors are described with a link to the functional operation in Floriday for reference for each function if available. The software overview shows the main features that software vendors (will) support.

Functional improvements

Later placement and automatic matching of additional stickers for services: Made it possible for buyers to select their stickers for growers after the order is placed. In addition, as an alternative to selecting the right additional sticker service, buyers can send along sticker data that is automatically matched by Floriday to the grower's capabilities. Growers should declare default sticker services in Floriday for this purpose. This way of working suits the practice much better.

  • Clock presale buying: Clock presale supply retrieval and placement of clock presale orders by buyers.

  • Custom sync: In Floriday, buyers can filter supply so that only the filtered offer supply enters their ERP which reduces the load on their ERP systems vs. if all the supply is brought in.

  • Incoterm validations: Validate incoterm and delivery location when placing orders whose transactions are processed by the RFH payment service provider so that the correct VAT is calculated after verification.

  • Incoterm corrections: The Incoterm can be corrected in the sales order via the correction request.

  • Contact persons in orders: Adding contacts in orders and corrections to orders so buyers and growers know who to contact if there are questions.

  • Recognition Purchase tip in offer: For offer, the purchase tip type has been added so that the purchase tip can be recognised.

  • Preferred photo and buyer item name on item selection: Selecting a preferred photo and adding buyer item name on an item selection by the buyer.

  • Sales orders from exporter module: Making sales orders originating from the exporter module available to buyers.

Technical improvements

  • Rate-limiting: Limiting the use of the API to ensure platform stability for users.

  • Extension of error messages with details: to understand more quickly where problems occur, error messages have been extended with error type and details.

  • Synchronisation billing status sales orders: adding synchronisation capabilities for the billing status of sales orders.

  • Recognition 'trade channel interface' in sales order: adding the recognition of how and via which channel a sales order was created. This recognition had been dropped in the previous version and has been added again.

  • Added 'Invalid Floricode data' indication for article: If the Floricode VBN product codes or attributes expire, the item will get the indication 'Invalid Floricode data'.

  • Payment service providers 'RFH e-wallet' and 'FX services': payment service providers RFH e-wallet and FX services have been added in the for use in Floriday.

  • Update delivery time sets if deleted: Deleted delivery time sets can be updated in the ERP of buyers. This occurs when growers remove buyers from buyer-specific delivery sets.

  • Request item: Being able to query an item with a Trade item ID for buyers in their ERP.

  • Added last change of date/time item: Adding the change of date/time in trade items.

  • Standard use of offer synchronisation: For correct and efficient operation of processing supply by buyer in their ERP, supply synchronisation has been supported for some time. The one-off request for a supply list is no longer supported because they are incomplete, do not remain up-to-date and cause unnecessary burden.

  • Expiration date/time of credit claim in sales order: Added the expiration date/time of credit claim in sales order for buyers purchasing through the e-wallet/limited payment collateral. Before the expiry date/time, delivery of the sale order must have taken place.

Overview of Floriday Customer API features

Trade items

  • Collection of items

  • Retrieve, create and delete selected favourite items and favourite load configurations

Own packages

  • Collection of own packages.

Additional services


  • Collection of direct supply sales
    [Read more in this article] > being worked on

  • Collection of clock (presale) offer based on sales orders.

Purchase & sales orders

  • Retrieve, place and remove purchase orders for matching on supply through the Floriday purchasing dashboard

  • Retrieve, create and delete order requests

  • Collect, place and cancel sales orders on supply

  • Retrieve insight into financial invoicing status delivered sales orders

  • Retrieve insight into dynamic delivery costs of sales orders within an order/delivery window

  • Collection of clock and clock presale sales orders
    Read more in this article

Call-off orders

Contracts (enhanced)

Customer stickers

Correction requests

Delivery terms

  • Get delivery terms



  • Retrieve letter numbers belonging to a sales order (temporary solution until the ASN is available).

  • Collection of plant passports for propagation

  • Retrieve delivery announcements (ASN) for logistical planning and indoor notification of deliveries

  • Marking deliveries received

  • Marking received batches

Requests for quotes (improved)

Match & Connect


  • Retrieve vendor organisations and certificates.

Stock locations

Insights auction prices

  • Retrieve average auction prices per day for each VBN product code auctioned by the grower. An Insights subscription is required.
    Read more about Insights

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