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No service charge on transactions through Floriday
No service charge on transactions through Floriday

Run the transaction through Floriday

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From 1 July 2023, there will no longer be a service charge for any transaction conducted entirely through Floriday. For this, the order must meet 2 conditions:

Place order via Floriday

To be entitled to the waiver of the service charge, the order must be placed via Floriday. This can be done in several ways

Ordering via the Floriday screens:

Order via the software package linked to Floriday:

  • Floriday API link

  • Floriday VMP link

  • FloraXchange VMP link

  • FloraMondo VMP link

  • Florecom (purchasing dashboard)

Ordering through other digital marketplaces:

  • FloraMondo screens

In the purchase order overview, you can see whether the order has been placed correctly.

In the purchase order overview, you can see whether the order has been placed correctly. By clicking on Created by supplier in the filters, you can filter on orders created by the grower. This means you still pay the service charge on these orders.

Do you work via the API link? You cannot find these features in the software package. To do so, log in to Floriday.

Processing via Floriday by the grower

For the service charge to be waived, the grower must settle the order financially through Floriday. In the purchase order overview, you can see whether the order has been handled correctly by the grower.

  • Orders with a letter number are correctly handled via Floriday (or a linked package). If the order is also placed via Floriday, no service charge will be charged.

  • Orders without a letter number are handled with a Connect-EAB. This order does not meet the condition which means that the service charge will be charged for this.

Was the order not handled correctly? Then you can bring this to the attention of growers. In the following ways, they can handle the order correctly:

  • Processing via the Floriday screens

  • Handling via software package linked to Floriday (module 'direct delivery via Floriday')

What is the status of my software vendor?

If your software package is linked via Floriday, FloraMondo or FloraXchange's API or VMP, then your orders will go through Floriday and you will be eligible for the service charge discount. Is your software package not linked yet? Then please contact your software supplier to make arrangements.


The invoicing of the service charge is done through RFH. In the summary of the Connect invoice sent daily, you can see the amount on which service charge is still paid. In the specification, you can find out which orders this applies to:

  • Behind the customer number (Customer number), the letter F is listed for orders initiated by the buyer and exempt from service charge. The F stands for 'via Floriday buyer'.

  • If no letter F is shown, then this is an order initiated by the grower and therefore service levy does apply.

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